Questions You May Have

Q.  Do I need to be there when you are organizing my space(s)?

A.   It works best if you are present, but it can be done without you. If you aren’t wanting to get rid of anything, then I can go in and organize your space completely by myself. However, organizational systems are not one-size fits all, because each person’s needs are different. What works for one person may not work for you and your family. Your input throughout the process will help the systems we put in place to be more functional and efficient in the long-run, and you will learn how to better maintain the systems. It will also cut down on the time we spend organizing the space and will save you money!

Q.  Do I have to get rid of my stuff?

A.   Not if you don’t want to. Sometimes you may find things you didn’t know you had and are glad to let those things go. But it is not a necessity.

Q.  Do I have to purchase new organizing bins/containers?

A.  Absolutely not. It can be helpful (and fun!) to purchase new storage solutions for your needs, but I am great at being resourceful and using what is at hand. Your preference on this is something we can discuss in more detail during the consultation.